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Monday, November 30, 2009

Media Portraits: Arriving in Style

Luxury at the Burj Al Arab helipad, 1000 plus feet above a man-made island.

As we flew over the cranes and heat of the burgeoning lands of Dubai, my wingwoman looked over at me and said, "sometimes life serves you champagne in diamond encrusted flutes."

Flying above modern marvels of architecture and the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, with the warmth of the sun on our side and a cool breeze of copter air conditioning, I realized that I was in nirvana. For that fifteen minute flight, it was the life of Trump or Gates. It allowed us to enjoy everything about our trip – the sights, the smells, the sounds and even the pilot – in a way that no other ground transfer could have. The Burj Al Arab Marhaba Welcomeat is the epitome of true Arabian hospitality: arriving guests arriving are greeted with rose water, refreshing cold towels, dates, Bakhoor and authentic Arabic coffee.

I've happened upon this phenomenon just a few times before, when a particular transportation method unites with a unique situation to create something incredibly memorable. It is an experience that I wish every travel enthusiast would enjoy in their lifetime. What an incredible start to a whirlwind media excursion.