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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haifa Mesmerizes the States

If anyone wanted an unbiased opinion of Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe's USA concert tour, they picked the wrong guy. I have an affinity for Ms. Haifa. The modern Arabic Marilyn Monroe, who also appears in ALO Hayati magazine's Spring 2010 beauty feature [for which I am the editor] is a show stopper.

So there she is. Statuesque somehow on her curvaceous 5'3" or so frame tightly wrapped in an Elie Saab number. Working out with her band prior to the Connecticut performance at the MGM Foxwoods, hitting high notes while swiveling her hips in that flirtatious voice. I'll tell you this, she had me at "high heels."

If that microphone had kept talking, it probably would’ve advised Haifa to stay right there. Whenever she takes a the microphone, the room stops; eyes mesmerized in fantasy.

At the MGM, the singer wasn’t content to stay in one place for very long, seducing us with her hips and airy voice. Her 100-minute, 22-song set was a jumble of seduction that had men doing standing ovations while sitting down and women hitting their dates for staring.

She was riveting and our eyes drink her in like a fine French wine.