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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Syria as a Viable Tourism Destination?

Okay, So where am I?

I just returned from another trip to Damascus planning the 2011-13 Media and Communications Plan for Syria and things couldn't have gone better.

I mean I don't usually pat myself on the back, but here is a case where I am compelled to do so. I mean it's not often David bests Goliath. Here's a case where I was told something was impossible and we made it very possible.

Q: Did you ever think that Syria could get positive press in North America media?

A: Well, they are!

***Warning - Shameless Self-Promotion***

And, it’s all because of the innovative and distinctive first ever North American Delegation to Syria in October 2009 that we lead at Unique Image, Inc...

-U.S. Sanctions? No problem.

-No Twitter or Facebook access? You don't need them with all of the turn of time attractions from Crusader Castles to Roman ruins.

-No American brands, like McDonald's and Starbucks? Substitute with old world hospitality of the bustling restaurants with five-star food.

We have been able to overcome it all and and gain phenomenal press across the continent (8 million in circulation and counting!). I'm talking about top publications like More, San Francisco Examiner, ALO magazine, Travel Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer, Dreamscapes, Four Seasons magazine, Long Island Pulse, Reviewit, and more.

Now comes the hard part:::keeping it going. You can bet that we can and will. The only thing that could ever stop us is conflict in the region.

We've launched pioneering international programs partnering with government and economic developmental agencies, trade associations and chambers of commerce. Our efforts have greatly expanded the scope of cultural, consumer and business-to-business prospects in the U.S. and the Middle East. We are the folks that guided historic sister city agreement between Los Angeles and Beirut signed into effect by the Los Angeles City Council.

Make the impossible, possible?

I love the sound of that.