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Friday, April 2, 2010

Modern Family gives iPad some free love

“Modern Family” on ABC Wednesdays is my new MUST SEE.

But, for all that love cascading from the father in Modern Family the other night, they should've been paid. I came to find out that this episode where the family weirdly bonds together to find daddy a new Apple iPad was free love. Other than getting some test run iPads for the show, Apple didn't give any form of commercial consideration for the show; shoot, they didn't even give the cast free iPads or buy a :30 spot of airtime. I'm a huge fan of product placement, but if I were a network or production executive I might wonder why they are giving away advertisements. Product placement is the wave of the future for advertising. In this case, it’s a testimony to the ravenous following Apple has currently that they can pull it off gratis!