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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Book from the Media Guy Coming soon!

New Book Cover Art
Many of you emailed me regarding my SHEESH! blog where I talked about the frustrations of dealing with book editors and the delays in book publishing. Last week, I received some wonderful news: as part of a two book deal, my "LANDSCAPES OF LIFE: Behind the Lens" (ISBN: 9781622091324) will be out in sixty to ninety days and on sale at and a few other spots -- although NOT at Borders, what a shame. There's even an eBook and audio book in the works that will be available at the iTunes store!

My publisher came up with this for the back cover ...

Take a visual journey through the eyes of the makeshift anthropologist. The extraordinary photographs showcased in Landscapes of Life are from of the eyes Michael Lloyd, who snaps at will to capture the moments often missed,  

This remarkable book showcases hundreds of emotions adding up to a panoramic view of life from Los Angeles to Lebanon. You'll discover heartwarming photographs that perfectly capture the spirit of the mind. 

His subjects, entangled in their emotions, all seem to feel unobserved and safe. We remain unaware about the causes of the passionate feelings of his characters, their experiences before being captured in their apparently agitated and alternating loving moods. 

With images of princesses, camel jockeys, immigrants, and mountain men, husband hunters, interns, people finding inner peace in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and life inside pre-revolution Syria and the constantly perilous Beirut, and more! Landscapes of Life captures the world's cosmopolitan lifestyles and common living with intimate portraits and the human intimacy inside, where the heart lives. 

Your imagination couples with the writing to create expanded stories behind these photos to embark on an exciting journey. They remind us of film scenes we have never seen. Lloyd's photos are very expressive, matching the subjects that are filled with exciting details. The observer can't escape the unique mood highlighted in these photos.

(Wow! I sound like Ansel Adams...)

Thanks for the support everyone!

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