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Monday, January 28, 2013

Travel Companions


The Media Guy has always hated two things about press junkets:
  1. Assembling press kits (yes, we still use paper kits because the media reads on paper and takes copy points from the flash drive) and,
  2. Packing a suitcase (I roll with a 22” Hartmann beauty and it can still be a struggle.)

I mean, don’t we all want to look like George Clooney and his perfect travel companion (ok, second favorite because Vera Farmiga would be MY favorite) wheeling around the airport in perfect harmony.

But, what about getting to the hotel and realizing you forgot your favorite pair of shoes at the house or even getting to the baggage claim and finding out the airline lost your bag?

It can be a schlep traveling from point A to point B, but there are tricks to packing the perfect amount. So who better to turn to that Emmy Award-winning stylist David Zyla? The author of The Color of Style, has dressed names including Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton, Neil Patrick Harris, Carol Burnett, and many more.

MEDIA GUY: How many suitcases do we need?


Zyla packs with style.
MG: What type of suit case will we need?

DZ: Depending on the amount of travel you do and the length of your trips, it seems that most people are set for any length trip by owning a large suitcase that can be checked, a carry-on with rollers and a durable garment bag. This way, depending on your trip, you have options of different combinations of the three.

MG: What do I pack?

DZ: On a shorter trip, base your packing on a single neutral color (Base) such as navy, charcoal, aubergine or brown and a color that pops your eyes (Energy Color), such as marigold, rust or violet. I suggest using the neutral for items like pants, a jacket and a coat. Then use the "color" for items such as a sweater, shirt or scarf. For a longer trip, add a second complimentary color to this mix in shirts, sweaters and accessories, but keep all of the basic items in a single neutral. This helps to avoid over packing.

MG: How do I pack?

DZ: Pack your suitcase in flat layers, filling each one before building it higher. If packing a soft side suitcase, utilize the crevices between the metal supports by filling them with smaller items such as underwear and socks.

MG: Are you going to laugh at my red suitcase?

DZ: If red is a color that you love wearing, then you should use it in your accessories, including your suitcase. A suitcase is utilitarian, so why not infuse some fun into it with a color that you love?

MG: Does having unique identifier really make a difference?

DZ: If your suitcase is black, which a majority are, absolutely tag it in a unique way. A colored luggage tag is great for this. I was just at the airport when an announcement was made, asking that the person on the LA flight who "took the black bag... please check the luggage tag." Everyone in the baggage claim area burst into laughter as we saw black bag after black bag tripping down the conveyor belt.

Everyone needs a "Clooney" or "Farmiga" to go with their perfectly packed suitcase!