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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Writer's Office

The writer is a peculiar animal. And when the mechanics of crafting that perfect piece of literature, a script or speech for a local politician, it's rarely a routine method. Each writer has his own panache, knack and tolerances. But if there's one thing virtually any writer just can't do without, it's the writers' room.

I found a stimulating choice for a writer’s room. One that’s ideal even if your budget is tight and you have two left hands when it comes to home improvement. The Burd Haward Architects’ self-assembled, pre-fabricated kit is available for around $7500. Just add foliage to grow to conceal the recessed ply façade and roof.

This cozy space recalls some spaces for writers that produced some awe-inspiring work:

Leo Tolstoy's writing desk

Innovative rotunda for National Geographic's Wade Davis

Alfred Hitchcock with writer Pete Martin. 1957.

William Faulkner's trusty typewriter in his Oxford, MS home office.

An aspiring writer at Shakespere & Co.

Ray Bradbury in his office.

Books aplenty in food writer's Nigella Lawson's writer's office.