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Saturday, March 1, 2014

OSCAR WEEK 2014: Magically Wet

Mother Nature must be mad at the Oscars.

Perhaps her invitation came late. Or not at all.

From the looks of it, she got impatient and decided to crash the party. And such, rain crushed Hollywood over the past few days.

So there I was, searching the red carpet for stories, rain pelting me and my Canon as Japanese starlets and Latin American television anchors tried in vain to get their pre-Oscars segments filmed before deadline. Then the skies opened up and buckets of water cascades from almost nowhere.

And when the water rushed over my Ferragamos, I had to runaway from the tarped red carpet. Winding my way through the labyrinth of photographers, cameramen and security, I magically wound up smack dab in the middle of Oscars rehearsals. That badge I dutifully wore around my neck all week was my Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to see the stars walk through their lines.

Wouldn't you know it? The star of the rehearsal was Angelina Jolie's leg. You remember that leg, don't you? During the 2012 Oscars, she stuck her lovely appendage through the long slit in her gown during the show and the leg became the instant sensation. To commemorate it all a tribute song hit the charts and a Twitter account (@AngiesRightLeg) caught fire. Now it's right back
where it belongs: on stage.

As she wrapped her part of the rehearsal, she broadcasted with a laugh, "And then I go like this."

She then teasingly thrust her leg forward.

The fan in me marveled at her statuesque look and minimalistic style...gray sweatshirt, black leggings and a pair of pumps. The Media Guy in my wondered how I could get her to read my script. I settled for marveling.

Amy Adams, who is pulling double duty as presenter and best actress (American Hustle) nominee arrived at the Dolby Theatre in rain boots, which, as a true red-carpet-ready veteran, she instantly traded for sky-high silver stilettos. She lovingly bemoaned, "I am never going to be off camera," Adams said. "I am really going to have to behave."

Dallas Buyers Club Best Actor nominee Matthew McConaughey promised more cutting edge formal wear vowing that his primary color selection is "going to be hot pink." 

So what about this rain? In my Fox News Entertainment article that just posted a little while ago, I basically said, "The Show Will Go On..."

Despite a freak winter rain storm causing flooding and power outages throughout LA County, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences organizers anticipate no disruption for the 86th Oscars in Hollywood despite most forecasts calling for more showers.

“We’ve been monitoring weather patterns for weeks,” AMPAS communications chief Teni Melidonian said. “We have this covered literally and figuratively.”

To ensure that Jennifer Lawrence and other nominees reach the front door of the Dolby Theatre without getting wet, the Academy has unleashed an army of workers to cover the exposed red carpet.

The only area that will be exposed Sunday is on the street where the limos will be dropping off their precious cargo. The plan is to have dozens of Academy staffers on hand with umbrellas to provide the needed cover.

“We would prefer viewers at home to see sunshine, but otherwise nothing will be different for the red carpet show than any other year,” Melidonian said.

The red carpet for the Academy Awards was covered in very unglamourous plastic.