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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

OSCAR WEEK 2016: Yes, We All Dream in Gold!

Yeah, well, I'm an Oscars nerd.

I picked up my Oscars credential (sorry, no pictures allowed of the priceless, laminated pass to the biggest awards show on the planet) and was dazzled with the new Oscars print and web media campaign art. I've been part of many creative teams that produced some classics for television and print...remember these gems:


But, once I saw the new art for the 88th Academy Awards, I was immediately envious. Envious of the final result. Envious of the process to arrive at the final product. Envious of being selected to be part of the process.

The art is simply everything you could ever want from Hollywood:

Diverse (!).

And, the words crafted to detail the art is just as perfect. I pulled this copy from this official liners provided by the Academy:
The 2016 Oscar campaign illustrates the emotional power of movies and their ability to inspire all of us to achieve our dreams. Movies remind us that imagination is limitless. The Oscar is, at once, a representation of excellence in film and a tangible symbol that dreams can–and do–come true. 
“The Dream campaign embodies what people love about the Oscars—the range of emotions and excitement that comes with those unforgettable moments in a live show,” said Christina Kounelias, Academy CMO. “Fans also look for the comedy and the unexpected, and that’s what they’ll get with our host, Chris Rock. His comedic perspective will be a great complement to the more dramatic moments.”
Two years ago I wrote about dreaming on the red carpet, and this year the Academy shows illustrates that, yes, we do all dream in gold.