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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two-wheeled Creatures

Back in 2010, I posted a photo of Mandy Rusillo, the Chicagoland messenger that will be featured in my upcoming book (should be gracious publisher ever stop making changes). In places like New York and Chicago, the media folks would (almost) literally die without their messengers to shuttle final art around town.

I wrote then that the shadow of a pedestrian often means danger. And the snap of a car door opening in front of her can mean suicide. Rusillo is one of the thousands of bicycle messengers in Chicago who navigate the labyrinth of vehicles and businesspeople who create the maze she conquers every day. Her Midwest pride and confidence shows in her work:
''When you see me swerving and ducking, it's got nothing to do with being fancy or showing off,'' she said. ''I’m the fastest there is and a lot nicer than those ‘joes’ in Manhattan.''

Now speaking of those Manhattan "Joes", illustrator Kurt McRobert has just released his take on New York City bicyclists. In it, he showcases twelve two-wheeled creatures you are bound to see if walk a block in any Big Apple direction. Enjoy!