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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Handwriting Sensei: PART TWO

OK. Here comes the shameless plug. The new book is coming soon. Landscapes of Life: behind the lens. The photographs in it are an embodiment of me and the words I am creating are from my soul. My fourth book is about Crazy Experiences and that's how I met Theresa Ortega, The Handwriting Sensei. In part one of this blog, I told you a little bit about her Crazy Experience and while she was telling me, she agreed to analyze my handwriting as well.

Here’s the setup for a quality analysis:  
·         Use unlined paper.
·         Write like you normally write. Seems most people these days write in a combination of cursive and printing, but use whatever is most comfortable for you.
·         Sit comfortably when you write.
·         Write whatever comes into your head, about any topic, but do write several short paragraphs. [Top Tip from The Handwriting Sensei: a friend who worked at the FBI doing FDE work says there is a special significance after 120 words.....I've learned quite a few things from him!]
·         Sign your name at the end, as you would to anything "official" like a letter, check, or contract.

So why the shameless plug earlier? The writing sample I sent was a quasi-excerpt from Landscapes of Life. Here’s what I submitted (and yes, these are The Media Guy’s words):

When the heart is uncluttered, it carries endlessly from pole to pole. Willingness and suppleness give way to a natural sensation of marvel and the freedom from fear.

As freedom gives flight, our heart grows and develops. As the heart opens, we can then be inspired. We can breathe in the truest meaning. An open heart awakens the soul with the power to achieve.

Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything. I believe it can be found and used for goodness. Where have I found it? People. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. God. Volunteering. Capitalism. Optimism that laughs at adversity. Vinyl records. Basketball. Ink. Flowers. Water. Literature. Zeus. Desire. Debates. Doubt. Breathtaking Views. Boredom. Foreign Languages. Wishes. Candles. Fire. Ice. Cumulus Clouds. Innocence. Waves. Paradox. Logic. Truth. And that's just the beginning.

Without further ado, here is The Handwriting Sensei’s analysis:

  • You are a grounded and fairly even-tempered. You relate to those who can express their emotions easily, and those who cannot. You consider your heart when making decisions, but are mostly head-ruled. Many friends probably come to you for advice, thinking, “Let’s ask Michael what he would do, he is centered and gives good advice.”
  • You are artistic and appreciate artistic and cultural endeavors
  • Very determined – you will persevere against many obstacles to attain your goals
  • Open-minded, you are able to listen to others and see all sides
  • Direct when you deal with people – you don’t beat around the bush. If someone asks for your opinion, you will give it honestly.
  • Intuitive – you get strong gut feelings about things that are happening to you, to close friends and family, about situations, and you listen to your gut because it has proven right for you to do so. At times, your intuition is strong enough to cause you to wonder, “Am I crazy? Am I overreacting?” to the point of feeling a sense of being able to peer into the future, but you are usually right.
  • A bit impulsive – once in a while you do something that causes your friends to exclaim, ‘What the hell was THAT?”
  • Not as happy in your job as you would like - - about half the strokes that show this indicate that you would often like to be doing something else.
  • Talkative – you have no problem talking to any person or group, and can converse about many topics
  • Quick thinker/analytical – you assess situations quickly, sometimes you may even be impatient with others who don’t think as quickly as you do.
  • Strokes indicate a lower body pain/injury issue, usually indicated from the end of the spine and down. (It can be something that has healed, such as a broken bone; it can be something that is currently causing pain; OR it can be something that is emerging. It is consistent on all lower zones).
  • Can be sensitive to criticism at times, usually about your appearance
  • Half the strokes indicate a desire to yield during a conversation or argument and let the other person win, even if you know you are right. It is often a peacekeeping measure.
  • When someone tells you that you can’t do something, your response is often, “To hell with you, I’m DOING IT ANYWAY!”
  • Strokes indicate pain in the upper zone, usually from the neck up. It can be stress, migraine headaches, neck pain or injury, and so on. Strokes are consistent in all upper zones.
  • As an employee, some of your staff may find you a bit tyrannical at times
  • You can be stubborn and operate with the attitude, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s already made up!”
  • Very intelligent
  • You are loyal to friends and family
  • There is a level of importance to these words for you: Zeus, Wishes, Ice, Paradox, Truth.
  • You have a special relationship with the truth - - you always seek to control it. I would surmise that either someone lied to you in a very grand way, or there is something personal that urges you to control the truth. There is a lot of sarcasm associated with truth for you as well, which I don’t see associated with any other thought. Also, somewhat of a hopeful/dreamy element about it, as though it was a great dream for you to always be surrounded by the truth, for you to be able to control the truth around you. But you are aware enough to know that that will not be the case, and so the sarcasm is associated with it. You will know what this is about; all I can see are stroke patterns.
  • Self-expectations are met with strict discipline, and you may hide the aspects of your personality that you feel are inadequate.
  • When you speak of yourself, you often see yourself as secondary to everyone else, and often place priorities on everyone except yourself. You are prudent and concerned with security. You consider all parts of an equation when making a decision.
  • There are also indications of pain/stress in the middle zone, which tend to be stomach, heart, and lung areas. The strokes are consistent across the middle zone.
  • You start out trying to be Johnny-by-the-book and doing everything by the rules, but eventually, you often realize that you must find a different way around things to accomplish your goals. You often have a unique way of completing a task, and can be a rule-breaker.
  • You can easily segue from topic to topic and connect ideas that others don’t always see as related. You have a great communication skill found in actors, writers, speakers, talk show hosts, etc. How appropriate!
  • You are optimistic, a positive trait that augments all others
  • You have diplomacy, as I like to say, the ability to tell someone to go to hell so they look forward to making the trip, AND, packing their bags! A great skill to have in any career or business.
  • YOUR SIGNATURE: You are much more outgoing in public than is your nature. Often, this is a product of a particular career or job. Your determination shows up strongly here as well, along with a lot of physical energy, and a need to keep some of yourself to yourself by the illegibility in the signature. 
Pretty hot analysis and wildly accurate in so many ways. I cannot wait for my daughter to bring a boy home so we can analyze him. So now you know a little more about exchange, how about liking The Media Guy's Facebook book page or following me on Twitter?

In the meantime, don't forget to follow Theresa on Facebook and Twitter until the Crazy Experiences book becomes a reality.

MEDIA GUY SAY: No need for Eastern Philosophy with The Handwriting Sensei around.